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Baltic Research Center


About us

We provide high-precision measurements for light sources and lighting, as well as tests for metal materials, coat resistance to foreign bodies, water and impact.
We provide an in-depth understanding of the properties of the light emitted by the light source, the quality of workplace lighting and the corroding and cracking of metal products, finished products and their coating.


2018.04.12. A special room has been built with water insulation, drainage, where IP code determination tests are performed with regards to degrees of protection against water provided by enclosures. Inspection equipment (pumps, nozzles) are installed in the new room.

2017.10.23. Illuminance in work places – laboratory services has been extended with accredited EN 12464-1, EN 12464-2 measurements.
LATAK (national accreditation body) has confirmed that BRC are competent to perform off-site measurements – the level of illuminance at indoor and outdoor workplaces according to European standards.

2017.05.10. TM-21, LM-82 and NSS – laboratory services has been extended with accredited TM-21, LM-82 and corrosion tests ISO 9227.
BRC has received extension in accreditation scope with three new testing methods: LED luminaire lumen maintenance calculations (TM-21), characterization of LED luminaire photometric function as a function of increased temperature (LM-82) and corrosivity of metal objects and coating resistance to neutral salt spray testing in a testing chamber (ISO 9227).